Chakraa yoga dette er min favorit yoga og den form af yoga jeg har studeret og levet mest efter. Her arbejder vi med de 7 charka, kroppens energi center (prana) vores livsenergi og vi åbner op aktivt for de forskellige energibaner (nadis).

Anahata means the heart. For me yoga is about to create space in your body and mind and to be connected with your heart. If we have focus on our heart and can feel our heartbeats we can better be aware of when we communicate from the heart or if it is only from our mind and ego. To make dialog from heart to heart is the way to peace. Sometimes I mediate with focus only from the heart and it is amazing the space and the light I get in contact with. And the best part of it all is that we all, everybody have a heart inside and can create this space they want. It is the heart and our breathing keeping us alive , and sometimes when I think how little attenetion we give this two mircales in life , I become ashame. So therefore I have in all my practice contact with my heart and try to teach by having a dialog heart to heart.

For me it is important to have theme and to set an intention for the class. Where I also invite you to set an intention for todays practice if you want of course. A theme and an intention for the class will help you to keep a focus through the class and can be a good help to returm to durig the class when the thoughts or your mind take you away from the yogamatt.

The practice of asnas( different postures) of yoga. Flow, strenght and curiosity is the fundation of my classes but alignements is a big part of my practice and where I guide you deeper into your body.

Pranayma (breathing) and mantra ha to have is place in my class as well. The unique gift that keeps us alive - the breathe.
The attention and the awarness of our breathing and all the different excercises there is, always avaibale for you where ever you are. To learn the simple way of having attention on your breath and be 100% present in your life.

The meaning of the mantras, a big part of the philosophy of yoga can be intergrated in any persons life and create a spirituel awarness and connection between your fysical body and the energy of the univers.

Guided meditation in variation of bodyscan, meditation on the fysical body, visualization ...where mediation brings you to an deeper and higher awarness of your body, mind and breath,